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great scouts activities for those looking for adventure

Troop leaders understand it’s not easy to come up with fun group activities, that’s why we compiled this guide with inspiration on how to use the free DJEO app wherever, however, and whenever you need for scouts activities. 

Get ready for a great scouts adventure but let’s not forget the motto: Be prepared!

travel tips

Challenge tour in the heart of Brussels (free!)

A challenge tour to discover hidden locations and secret gems in Brussels! Some challenges are created by the DJEO team, others by people living in Brussels. Go see what locals are up to in the DJEO app. 

djeo tourism

City marketing: case study Ghent

How can you gamify a destination? Well, here’s how Ghent did it!

travel tips

Travel has changed

The modern travel experiences has undergone an important transformation in recent time:

  • sight seeing >>> experiences
  • photo album >>> video on social media
  • feeling like a tourist >>> embracing local culture
travel tips

Free challenge tour in the city centre of Ghent

DJEO on tour in Ghent’s city center! Whether you are a tourist visiting the lovely city centre of Ghent or a local who wants to get to know more about its city, you’ve made it to the perfect place! Djeo is a great way to travel on a budget. But what do we have in store for you today?

Firstly, let me tell you something that is more fun than just visiting some old – but with a vintage twist – buildings in town…

Spicing up your historical trips with some DJEO challenges! Are you ready for it?! And by the way, down below you’ll find a map with every hotspot and its own DJEO challenge. 


Making headlines

DJEO made some headlines in the Belgian news, hooray!


The travel experience under Covid: impact & solutions

International tourist arrivals by country

The travel industry  was seen as a robust powerhouse of the world economy. Since it the amount of money and tourist grew every consecutive year, there was no reason to doubt it was ever going to fail. Yet in 2020, the numbers fell to those of 30 years ago. 


How to make a great DJEO challenge

Without any challenge DJEO would be just an empty map! So we invite you to make and upload your own challenge!

But… how… ?

Q: How to create an amazing DJEO challenge?

A: Make sure it’s…

  • all about the location
  • short and sweet
  • simple and clear
  • fun to do and watch

Travel on a budget: getting around

When you travel on a budget, getting around is tricky so here are some tips. But first, think bigger picture and decide on a relatively cheap vacation destination. Once you know where you want to go, think about how you will be moving around.

  • Avoid cars
  • Walking is better than you think
  • Check the public transportation
  • Make getting around fun
travel tips

How to make travel memories that last

Travel is awesome. Seeing new places, experiencing new things, meeting new people, there’s really nothing better. When it’s time to return home, make sure you’ve gathered plenty of pictures, maybe some souvenirs, and collected enough travel memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips to make your travels even more memorable.

  1. Speedrun the must-sees
  2. Use your camera creatively
  3. Digital tools are your friends
  4. Try to meet people
  5. Music helps you make memories