Travel on a budget: getting around

When you travel on a budget, getting around is tricky so here are some tips. But first, think bigger picture and decide on a relatively cheap vacation destination. Once you know where you want to go, think about how you will be moving around.

  • Avoid cars
  • Walking is better than you think
  • Check the public transportation
  • Make getting around fun

Wheels don’t come cheap

Cars aren’t cheap. Whether it’s your own or a rental, you still have to pay for fuel, parking, toll, insurance, and those costs can quickly add up!

Some travel destinations more or less demand you have a car to get around. Remote places where there aren’t many options, or where attractions are spread apart really far.

If you want to travel on a budget, consider city-hopping, or visiting a country with good public transportation so you don’t depend on a car as much.

This also applies to taxis! When you fly to your destination, always, always look for a different way to get into town. Taxis will take advantage of your disorientation, and how you might not be familiar with the local currency or rates. They will rip you off, is what we’re saying. Taxis should be your very last option, when you need to get somewhere quickly, or in the case of an emergency.


[HOT TIP] Before travelling anywhere, it’s a good idea to check if Uber is even an option.

The freedom of walking

If you’re blessed with a pair of working legs, consider putting them to good use.

Walking doesn’t cost a thing, except for the occasional drink to hydrate and yummy fuel to keep you going. It’s good for your health, good for the environment (as long as you don’t litter!), and it allows you to really take in your surroundings at a leisurely pace.

A lot of cities are seeing the advantages of walking, and ditching the car-oriented approach of the seventies in favor of becoming ‘walkable cities’.

Here’s a list of the 50 most walkable cities worldwide.

Arguably, the best thing about walking everywhere is that it let’s you freely explore and discover things you might miss if you’re rushing by. 

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Public transit’s where it’s at

Trains, trams, busses, metro lines!

Pretty much everybody agrees that Japan leads the world in public transportation, and with a Japan rail pass you will get pretty much anywhere comfortably, even on a budget.

Europe has a very dense network of railways. If you will be traveling from one city to the next, a Eurail pass is easily the cheapest solution.

Trains aren’t always super cheap, though, but they can be an experience in and of itself. Gliding through the countryside is a way of sightseeing, and some train rides are almost just as interesting as the destination (maybe even more so!)

[HOT TIP] When you’re deciding where you will be staying, we highly recommend checking if there are nearby stations that allow you to get to and from all the cool things quickly and easily. It might be worth spending a few extra bucks if it will save you money and travel time.

Make ‘getting around’ the fun part

Traveling literally means moving around so unless you’ll be walking the entire time, you will be spending some money on transportation. You might as well turn it into a highlight of your trip.

Random examples!

The city of Ghent offers plenty of ways to explore from at water level, even solar-powered rafts that will make you feel like the world’s classiest shipwreck survivor.

Are you traveling in a group and want to get hammered? You’ll find beerbycles (beerbikes?) all over Europe and even in New Zealand.

Remember: they are only annoying when you aren’t on them.

If you get off on looking like a total dork, segway tours are still very much a thing. We were surprised too.

[HOT TIP] If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t even go near a horse-drawn carriage. Forget they even exist, because they are always severely overpriced.

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