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Make travel awesome & reach more young visitors.

DJEO inspires young players to explore and experience locations by doing challenges and uploading video of their adventures.

How can DJEO help?

1. Increase your REACH

The next generation is increasingly more influenced by social media than traditional marketing when it comes to choosing and evaluating travel destinations.

2. Offer AUTHENTIC experiences

Young travelers seek authentic & unique experiences. Highlight your destination with custom-built challenges.

3. Show off ONLINE

Playing DJEO means creating video content and sharing it online. Visible proof of how appealing your destination is.


Learn what your audience prefers, see how they experience your destination, where they go and what they do.

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AdGhenture Time!
May 14th 2021 – Ghent (Belgium) 

10 challenges for International Student Day

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Standard pack that helps your visitors love your destination and share great content online.

popular features

  • 8 challenges DIY
  • custom logo on map
  • guidance & help to set up

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Make your destination flourish and have visitors love your destination.

popular features

  • 15 tailor-made challenges
  • dashboard with progress
  • own account manager

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