How to make a great DJEO challenge

Without any challenge DJEO would be just an empty map! So we invite you to make and upload your own challenge!

But… how… ?

Q: How to create an amazing DJEO challenge?

A: Make sure it’s…

  • all about the location
  • short and sweet
  • simple and clear
  • fun to do and watch

Location, location, location!

DJEO is all about visiting, experiencing, and seeing new and interesting places so think about the location of your challenges:

  • Which location do you want to highlight? Is it an appealing setting for a challenge?
  • Are there unique cultural twists that can add local flavor to the challenge?
  • Will the place be accessible to players?
djeo challenge howto map location
djeo challenge howto make one

Cut to the chase

The online attention span is short, your content should be as well. Keep in mind there is a maximum length and size of what you can upload:

  • Title (max 30 characters) and description (max 140)
  • Video should be around 15 seconds, and under 100 MB

Keep it simple, silly

Players should know exactly what to do, which means giving clear instructions in the video and description. The best challenges are easy to understand and don’t require specific props.

djeo challenge howto publish
djeo challenge howto later skater

The ol' razzle dazzle

Make it entertaining! Think of something fun for the players to do, but also for the viewers that will watch the online content. Be creative to make your challenges really stand out.

Rise to the challenge!

Now that you know what makes a great DJEO challenge, we hope you’re inspired to create your own! Go out and try, we’re sure you’ll do great!

djeo challenge howto top proof

Go ahead and create a great challenge!