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City marketing: case study Ghent

How can you gamify a destination? Well, here’s how Ghent did it!

How do you gamify a destination?

Start a gamification project like you would any other project, namely formulating clear goals and envisioning how to achieve them. Do your research, discuss with your team, and work out your strategy.

In the case of Ghent, their goals to offer a new, more interactive way for international students to experience the city and generate online content aligned perfectly with the DJEO’s strengths.

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Does gamification work?

Gamification in the field of education is widely embraced as a powerful way to make the experience not only more enjoyable, but more impactful as well.  The same is true for the tourism industry, as demonstrated by various sources (link link link)

As with any collaboration project, you need to define beforehand how success will be measured. Stad Ghent wanted active engagement, content to be shared online, and a positive experience for the players.

DJEO delivered.

DJEO is 100% free to use for all players, btw