travel tips

Travel has changed

The modern travel experiences has undergone an important transformation in recent time:

  • sight seeing >>> experiences
  • photo album >>> video on social media
  • feeling like a tourist >>> embracing local culture

Sight seeing? No, experiences!

When people visit a destination, they want more than just ‘seeing the sites’. When they go home, they want a story to tell. A traveler is no longer a passive bystander that just observes the places they visit, they want to actively participate in everything a destination has to offer. 

Experiences are the foundations of travel, so focus on those stories your visitors tell when they go home: for example: an enlightening cooking class, memorable locals they met, the city tour they took them to unexpected places.

Not just stories to tell friends in person, but also on social media.

Photos? No, social media video!

Does your organization have an Instagram, TikTok, and DJEO account? Have you embraced the power of video yet?

Internet content is seeing a shift from from photo to video. Our devices and internet connections are faster now, and our attention spans are shorter. Give travelers a reason to create video if you want to thrive online.

DJEO gives people a reason to create and share video content of your destination. It’s a map showing great places to shoot video AND what you can do at those locations to make enticing content, for example local culture or mythology.

On TikTok, content gets buried very quickly to make way for newer and fresher content. DJEO keeps generating and pushing great content content for other people to enjoy much longer.

When you’re on foot, you should check out DJEO!

Don't be tourist, embrace local culture!

People want to be a part of something. A holiday abroad where you stay in your bubble and never connect, is a squandered opportunity.

The pandemic has made us more weary of other people and engaging with locals has never been harder. Safety should come first but travelers need a solution.

By sourcing local knowledge of your destination, travelers can feel close and connected again.

DJEO has challenges by locals as well as visitors. It’s an invitation to engage with each other, replying with your own videos in response, and rating each other.

It’s a great way for everyone to connect again. There’s so much joy in setting up a challenge and seeing someone’s attempts. Truly a great way to get to know the destination, the local culture, and its people.

Into the future!

Adopting new technologies is key for a destination to thrive. This will allow you to capture the attention of new and returning travelers. Go above and beyond expectations AND give visitors the opportunity to share that experience on social media. 

You need to get ready for the future. Schedule a call with one of our specialists and see what we can do for you.

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