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Free challenge tour in the city centre of Ghent

DJEO on tour in Ghent’s city center! Whether you are a tourist visiting the lovely city centre of Ghent or a local who wants to get to know more about its city, you’ve made it to the perfect place! Djeo is a great way to travel on a budget. But what do we have in store for you today?

Firstly, let me tell you something that is more fun than just visiting some old – but with a vintage twist – buildings in town…

Spicing up your historical trips with some DJEO challenges! Are you ready for it?! And by the way, down below you’ll find a map with every hotspot and its own DJEO challenge. 

Gent gravesteel singing challenge

Battle for the castle

First up:Het Gravensteen’, or better known as The Castle of the Counts, a place where you’ll fall upon a few knights! This mystical castle is one of THE major attractions in Ghent.

Het Gravensteen is known by its very eventful history, closely intertwined with the complex and often turbulent political and social history of the city. Fun fact: the castle is the only remaining medieval moated castle with an intact defence system in Flanders and gives you a complete picture of knightly culture in the 12th century.

While fantasising about past knightly tales, we dare you to do Battle For The Castle on DJEO. For this challenge you’ll have to warm up your voice and sing a song (of your choice) to commemorate a glorious battle! Perhaps a song of your own country?

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Of course, we cannot forget ‘t Dreupelkot! It’s a small jenever house – with typical browntones – located in one of the most beautiful places of Ghent. They say that even real gin connoisseurs will find some surprising new flavours among more than 200 varieties of jenever! Also, there are around 50 flavours homemade! How amazing is this?!

So now we’re at ‘t Dreupelkot I guess you might have to take a shot! Dare you?


jenever kot in gent drinking challenge

Go on a tour around Gent with DJEO!

dulle griet gent cannon lighting challenge on djeo

Return of the Dulle Griet

Next up we have the Big Canon, an impressive wrought-iron canon that weighs 12,500 kgs. This historical monument is popularly known as ‘Dulle Griet’, which means ‘mad woman’ in English. It’s originally made for the Dukes of Burgundy and has actually never fired. Unfortunately, it was too often used as a dustbin or sleeping place for drunks, so the barrel was permanently closed a few years ago.

Hence why should we set it on fire, right? Just kidding, but we dare you to inflame the Big Canon like the girls do on the DJEO app!

Mini-Party | Maxi Partayy

The ‘Vlasmarkt’ is a square next to the St. James’ Church. This church, first made out of wood, is built in 1120 which makes it the oldest Romanesque in Belgium! But at this moment, after a couple restorations, the church has a mainly gothic style. 

We highly recommend entering this beautiful church. Inside you can admire the impressive interior, many ancient paintings of the 16th and 17th century and also the tomb of Jan Palfijn who invented birthing ticks.

St. James’ Church’s interesting history isn’t the only thing the ‘Vlasmarkt’ is known for. The Vlasmarkt is one of the places you want to be if you like to enjoy a drink or let yourself go all the way, all night in one of the clubs.

Anyway, dance like no one’s watching, convince some people to join in and upload your crazy moves on the DJEO app!

Gent party scene challenge
man screaming like a dragon challenge

Roar like a Dragon!

The Belfry of Ghent is built during the 14th century part of a UNESCO world heritage site and is a whopping 95 metres tall! The belfry served several different roles: as a watchtower, a bell tower and the documents evidencing the municipal privileges were kept here.

Don’t forget to look at the very top of the tower though! Do you see the gilded copper dragon? This dragon is the mascotte of Ghent, watching all over the city and is a symbolic treasure keeper. Imitate it by ROARRRRRRRing as hard as you can and make its legacy live on.

Find the best view

You are able to visit the Belfry of Ghent every day between 10:00 and 18:00. A visit takes you through three floors almost to the very top of the tower. Every floor is equipped with a small museum about different topics. 

Once you’ve reached the top, you are able to behold one of the best views of Ghent. Don’t forget to film this never-to-be-forgotten view and post it on the DJEO-app.

Tickets and prices ‘Ghent Belfry

ghent tour st baafs challenge

Can't touch this

The Kouter is full of surprises! In the center, you can see a beautiful bandstand. This wrought iron bandstand was designed in 1878.

You can read the names of four famous composers: Mozart, Grétry, Rossini and Auber. In the past, there were 38 such kiosks in the city center of Ghent. Today, the kiosk houses an aperitif bar. 

It is with the DJEO app and under this magnificent Kiosk that you will be able to realize a challenge. The goal is to touch the chandelier inside the kiosk!

"Small steps every day" at Sint-Michielsbrug

The Saint-Michel Bridge will melt the hearts of all romantics. Get your smartphone ready for a series of spectacular selfies! Wherever you look, the panorama offers you nothing but postcard views. 

The icing on the cake: as soon as the sun goes down, you can enjoy a magical atmosphere in the heart of Ghent, while the historical monuments are illuminated with magnificent lights. Fun fact: there was once a flat swing bridge, which was replaced in the early 20th century by the current stone bridge. In the center of the arch stands a majestic lamp post, with the bronze statue of St. Michael. Keep your camera ready!

Your challenge of DJEO this time is to share your favorite quote with us. It can be a life lesson, a valuable insight, etc. – whatever you like, we’d like to know!

sharing his favorite quote on djeo
little park in ghent thight rope challenge

Breathtaking Views at Appelbrugparkje - Oude Vismijn

Whilst walking along the Lys, cosy up on the bench and enjoy the amazing view of the Great Butcher’s Hall and the renovated Old Fish Market.

The glass fibre bridge is brand-new although the ‘Appelbrugparkje‘ has existed for over a long time!
The Old Fish Market is a historic site in the heart of Ghent is located at the confluence of the Lieve and Leie rivers. The four unique rooms have a total capacity of 1400 people.

Fish was sold in this historic building from the late Middle Ages until the 1960s. In the largest room you’ll find ‘The Market’ in detail, as we know the ‘marchés couverts’ in France.

In addition to the four rooms, guests can also enjoy the pontoon, the terrace, and the spacious courtyard.

The DJEO challenge here is simple: there are small metal barriers where you walk on without any help and cross it! It’s a balance exercise. Easy peasy, right?

Go on a tour around Gent with DJEO!