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Challenge tour in the heart of Brussels (free!)

A challenge tour to discover hidden locations and secret gems in Brussels! Some challenges are created by the DJEO team, others by people living in Brussels. Go see what locals are up to in the DJEO app. 

What's on the tour?

The tour takes you around the most spectacular places Brussels has to offer, while simultaneously offering fun, weird, spectacular, interesting challenges. You’ll learn about Brussels and create everlasting memories

Challenges include:
  • making a wish while rubbing a statue’s arm (here’s why)
  • weird symmetrical jumping
  • planking (2011 called, they want their fad back)
  • jumping like Mario 
  • singing your heart out in the central square
  • upside down bike riding
  • sitting on a bench in the coolest way ever
  • loving or hating McDonalds
  • balancing on copper beams
  • … So much more!

You can do as many or as little challenges as you want. The only rule is that that you have fun and upload video’s of your attempts to the DJEO app [Android] or [iOS]!

Who is it for?

DJEO is made for everyone who enjoys traveling to be more interactive. Travel has changed! It’s for those people who enjoy a unique way to get around a city and endulge in the local culture.

It’s also a great way to visit a place or city on a budget since it’s 100% free! As of writing (April 2022) we have no in-app purchases or ads in the app. 

Not just passively taking photographs but really interacting with your surroundings. 

How to download the challenge map?

All challenges are created on an app called DJEO! A mobile game that you download for free on the Google Play or Android store.


Places you’ll visit:

  • Grand Place
  • Bourse
  • Boulevard Anspach
  • Muntpunt Library
  • Place de Brouckère
  • Statue Everard ‘T Serclaes
  • Vieux Marché aux Grains
  • Plaine De Jeux Léopold
  • St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral
  • Statue of King Baudouin
  • corner of Colonies and Chancellerie
  • Immeuble du Parc
  • l’Enlevement d’Europe

Is there more?

Yes sirriebob! Once you’re done with all of these challenges, you can create your own challenge for those who come after you!
  1. make your own challenges
  2. Found a cool spot in Brussels? Thought of a cool challenge? In the DJEO app you can create your own challenges! Here’s our guide on how to create fun and exciting challenges, let your creativity run wild!
  3. Visit more DJEO locations
  4. The wonderful city of Ghent has many MANY more DJEO challenges. You can find a little taste of a challenge tour in Gent
  5. Bring DJEO to your own city, area, pier, airport, venue…
  6. We have a lot to offer to potential partners. You can contact us with more questions!

When in Brussels, check out DJEO!