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great scouts activities for those looking for adventure

Troop leaders understand it’s not easy to come up with fun group activities, that’s why we compiled this guide with inspiration on how to use the free DJEO app wherever, however, and whenever you need for scouts activities. 

Get ready for a great scouts adventure but let’s not forget the motto: Be prepared!

What is DJEO?

DJEO is a new app you could describe as ‘PokémonGo meets TikTok‘ with video challenges at specific places. Players go out to explore, film themselves doing the challenge on location, and share it with the other players.

DJEO can be played solo, but it’s also a great outdoor group activity, for

  • small teams or big groups, whether there are 5 or 50 players
  • young ones or elders (ages 9 to 99): can be played with cub scouts 
  • for a single afternoon or as a lasting activity throughout the year (or one that changes with the seasons)

Put some challenges on DJEO as a scouts activity

There’s no better way to understand what it’s all about then downloading DJEO yourself (totally free, for iPhone or Android), or you could take a look at how these scouts groups are having a blast in the city centre of Ghent (Belgium). That’s right, this is online scouting!

Scouts activity: play DJEO

step 1 think of challenges at specific locations
step 2 create a challenge video at each loaction and upload it to DJEO
step 3 players go out do the challenges and upload proof in djeo

Want to know exactly how to make a challenge? Check out our challenge making guide for DJEO

Where can you play?

1. In the city

Scouts and youth organizations near urban centers often have no choice but to use the city as the backdrop for scouts activities. Some are lucky enough to have a private space of their own, others have to flee to a park or sports terrain.

But … what if … the concrete jungle IS the playground? DJEO let’s you use all that a city has to offer and turn it into one big urban game! Unleash the youth in the city, have them visit interesting spots, and do fun things that you can only in densely populated areas.


Need some inspiration for fun challenge tours? Check out this DJEO challenge tour in a medieval city in Belgium. 

Some examples of possible challenges

  • do a handstand on the city square
  • do something crazy with a statue
  • merily skip around the fountain
  • do a dance on the stairs of city hall
  • pick up a piece of litter and put it in the trash
  • invite passersby to join in and help out

2. on outdoor hikes

Scouts and similar youth organizations, love to lace up their hiking boots, fill their water bottles, and venture into the great outdoors. The PERFECT scouts activity.

But … what if … the various waypoints along the trail are digitally marked? Use DJEO challenges as milestone markers, making the rest stops infinitely more fun.

Some challenge examples

  • pretend you’re the needle of a compass
  • do a tumble in the tall grass
  • make the sound of a buzzing bee for as long as you can
  • hold hands around the trunk of a tree
  • show off your survival skills
  • tell us a fun piece of trivia about nature

3. at Camp, the main event!

Grab your tents and air out your sleeping bags, because camp is most definitely the yearly highlight of scouts all over the world. A week or more of total submersion into everything outdoorsy and self-reliant!

But … what if … there were video challenges incorporated into the camp’s theme? Different videos for different times of the experience, spread around the camp site, or as a goal marker further away.

Some challenge examples

  • run backwards around a tent as fast as possible
  • sing your campsong with all your heart
  • show someone waking up in the morning
  • sing a campfire song in a minor key
  • confessionals (for those who miss their moms, dads, and pets)

4. around your home base

The home base, your own turf, the building that you call your own, where it all starts and it all ends. After a while it seems almost too familiar, like you’ve done everything there is to do, and you simply have no other choice to go to the city, the woods, or as far away as possible.

But … what if … you didn’t have to go anywhere to have a great time? Breathe new life into the homestead by adding DJEO challenges! They can be ice breakers for new members, team building opportunities, and a way to show other players what your group is all about.

Some challenge examples

  • pretend like you’re the animal in your totem
  • what’s your favorite icebreaker when meeting new people?
  • discuss your favorite dinosaur
  • tell a small secret everyone should know about you
  • pretend you’re making a photo of someone but film them instead
  • play out a scene from your favorite movie using your surroundings

… you know there’s this app called ‘DJEO‘, right?

even more resources!

Inspired yet?

If you ever have to entertain a whole group, consider making some DJEO challenges. Whether it’s in the city, the great outdoors, or your own backyard, you can gamify any part of the world, any way you like!

In the meantime, have a look at what it takes to make a great challenge, get inspired by these urban game challenges, or get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to become a partner.