DJEO @ Gentse Feesten

Take on challenges created by Lukas Lelie, Bashir Abdi, Lectrr, & Jan Mathijs, and win a €250 Ghent Gift certificate (Gentse Cadeaubon).

During the Gentse Feesten, DJEO is going all out!!

Take on challenges created by Lukas Lelie, Bashir Abdi, Lectrr, & Jan Mathijsand win a €250 Ghent Gift certificate (Gentse Cadeaubon). 

How to play?

Step 1 : Go to the Gentse Feesten 2022 and download DJEO


Step 2 : Find and watch the ‘Gentse Feesten’ challenges.

Step 3 : Do as many challenges as you can, as well as you can. 

Important: Upload videos as proof in the DJEO app!

Step 4 : Check out video of other players and rate them

Step 5 : Have the best rating, best challenge, or most followers,
by the 25th of July to win a
€250 Gent Gift Certicate

scroll down for the rules, or click here for terms & conditions

Download DJEO, take on the challenges, and win that juicy prize!

The challenges

Lukas Lelie challenges photo

comedian Lukas Lelie

likes cookies, dislikes dancing

Challenges you to:

  • Devour a spitburger @ Belfortstraat
  • Sell useless stuff @ Handelsbeurs
  • Brighten someone’s day @ Comedyfestival

athlete Bashir Abdi

likes running, dislikes not running

Challenges you to:

  • Stretch before you party @ Vrijdagmarkt
  • Give a big cheer @ who deserves it
  • Get out there and move @ Zuidpark

cartoonist Lectrr

likes puppets, dislikes political puppets

Challenges you to:

  • Make trash art @ Baudelo
  • Become a puppet @ Augustijnen
  •  Grab a gramps or granny and sing with them @ Veerleplein

Where to go?

For a better overview we recommend downloading DJEO 

Become 1 of 3 winners!


The player who uploaded the highest rated proof video by the end of the GF22. 


The winner is the player who uploaded the highest rated challenge video by the end of the GF22. 


The winner is the person with the most followers on the DJEO app. 

The prize?

The winner of each category receives a €250 gift voucher to spend in Ghent:

  • restaurants – bars – cafés
  • fashion – accessoires shops
  • design & concept stores
  • wellness & beauty salons

  – The whole city in one gift – 

Who can compete?

Almost anyone with a smartphone that can upload videos to DJEO is eligible to participate. 

You need to be 18 years old to participate or have the authorisation of a legal guardian.

All players upload their proof videos during the Gentse Feesten (July 15th till July 24th).

All rules, terms and conditions here.


The rules

Short Version

The most important rules are to be safe, respectful of others and to have fun

You can only use original content, recorded at the challenge location. You can edit your video to make it better but you can’t use copyrighted material. Only videos uploaded during the Gentse Feesten 2022 are eligible to be included in the calculation of the score.

You must be 18 years or older or have the authorisation of a legal guardian to enter the game.

The final score is calculated at the end of the Gentse Feesten 2022. The ratings of all proof videos (one per challenge per device) are summed up and the device with the highest total score wins the prize. 

Score of player = average rating proof video 1 + average rating proof video 2 + … average rating proof video n

Ratings are decided by all players. If you give consistently low ratings to other players, you will be disqualified.

For more information, check out the rules, terms & conditions.


You can do either! The winner is the device with the highest score so make sure you use the same smartphone throughout the contest to upload all videos.

No! You can do 1 challenge or 10, or 20. The more challenges you do, the more chances you have at winning.

A challenge takes about 5-10 minutes to play. Depending on how many challenges you do, participating in the contest takes between 5 minutes and ±2 hours.

You are free to choose in which order you do the challenges. 

Yes, you have to visit the designated location and film there. Videos that were not taking at the place of the challenge marker on the DJEO map, do not count. 

We try to make DJEO available on all devices but sometimes it happens that a device is not able to upload videos. Try another device if you consistently get errors.

Yes, of course! You can play DJEO worldwide! Our dream is to have challenges everywhere. Please make our dream come true!

Please contact us to see what is possible! We’d love to show you what DJEO can do and how you can use it. We have a lot of experience setting up fun activities for all types of audiences.

You can enter with each device only once. If you upload the same video twice, it will be disregarded and both devices will be liable for disqualification.

The contest starts at July 15th at 12.00am and ends July 24th 12pm. Only videos and ratings received during that timeframe will be considered for entry.

You play all the challenges at your own risk. DJEO or Monkeyshine or ‘De Scheve Klakskes’ are not liable for any damages or harm cuased by playing the game. We do NOT condone any dangerous or illegal actions. Please treat yourself, others, and your environment with respect. 

Yes! It costs exactly €0 to enter the competition, the app is totally free, there are no in-app purchases and there are no ads in the app.

This allows us to ban people who misbehave more easily. We don’t do ANYTHING with your data. We store it securely and don’t pass it on to anyone. 

logo for the city of gent

This event was created by ‘De Scheve Klakses‘ with the support of the City of Gent.